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Our Solutions

To simplify your senior years we offer carefree living in a comfortable environment. We do it all so you are never troubled with repairs, lawn care, snow removal, paying property taxes, etc. Because we are nonprofit, our efforts are solely directed at accomplishing our mission and never to maximize profits.

In addition, we offer:

Lifetime Lease ©

Get a new lease on life with a Lifetime Lease ©

Foundation for Eldercare exists to provide a lifetime of comfort for lower-middle income seniors.

In addition to the modestly priced, thoroughly modern, well located homes constructed with senior sensitivity, we also provide a unique and valuable addition to your ‘aging-in-place’ tool chest …

It’s our very own, very special “Lifetime Lease ©”.

Once you become a resident at any Foundation community you have the option of remaining with us for the rest of your life. We will always renew your lease (at your option) and we will never increase your rent* … even if you live to be 120 !!

Home Sales Solutions

To enable you to move into one of our new homes more quickly, once you sign a lease at any Foundation community you are eligible to participate in our home sales program.

At no upfront cost to you, Foundation has partnered with a licensed realtor and a local bank to provide the following services until your home is sold:

  • List and Advertise your Home for sale at a price agreeable to you
  • Pay your mortgage, insurance and real estate taxes while your house is being sold
  • Maintain your lawn, roof and whatever else needs attention
  • Safeguard your empty house
  • Lend you up to 60% of the value of your home if you need cash before selling your house

You will repay funds paid out on your behalf only when your house is sold. Half of houses in this program sell within 120 days.

You may cancel this service at any time without charge or penalty and without interest on the money that has been advanced.

Rent Subsidy Solution

Financial uncertainty is one of the few certain facts of life.

However, this is one variable, at least, that seniors can prepare for and partially defend against.

If you are a Foundation resident for at least 18 months and your income unexpectedly drops (e.g. death of a spouse or extra-ordinary medical expenses) we are here to help:

To the extent Foundation has subsidy funds available, we will lower your rent to a more affordable amount and/or move you (at our expense) to a smaller, less expensive, but equally well appointed, home within your then present Foundation community.

Each situation will be handled privately and utmost confidentiality.